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Psycho-educational Assessments

Assessment services are supervised by a licensed member of the College of Psychologists of Ontario and clients will be issued a receipt to submit to their insurance company upon payment.


Psycho-educational assessments are designed to clarify an individual's learning style, learning aptitudes, behavioural style, attention capacities or possible learning disorders. The assessment process can identify gifted level abilities and the need for enrichment programming. We can provide documentation for Individual Educational Plans (IEPs), or for those making the transition from secondary school to college or university. For adults, we can help to illuminate and ameliorate previously undiagnosed learning difficulties that can negatively impact self-esteem and daily functioning. 


The first step for assessment is an initial interview to identify concerns and to collect important background information (including developmental, medical, and educational/work history).

The individual is then seen for 6-8 hours of testing. During testing sessions, the following aspects of functioning may be evaluated:

— Verbal and non-verbal cognitive functioning and reasoning (i.e., verbal comprehension, visual/perceptual reasoning, fluid reasoning, working memory and processing speed)
— Information processing skills (i.e., memory capacity, phonological processing, visual-
motor integration, continuous processing) 

— Academic achievement in reading, mathematics, written language, and oral language

— Behavioural style (i.e., attention, executive functioning, and self-regulation skills)

— Psychosocial functioning (i.e., anxiety, depression, and adaptive skills)

Following completion of the initial interview and testing sessions; all data is scored, analyzed, and integrated.

A Feedback meeting is then arranged to share the assessment results, to answer questions about the results and to provide information about possible intervention and "next steps."

The Feedback Interview is followed by the presentation of a confidential and comprehensive written report which summarizes all results and provides specific recommendations. This final report is designed to be shared by the client (if they 
choose) with other professionals like medical doctors, school administrators and occupational/speech and language therapists. 

In most cases, a Psycho-educational assessment involves a total of 15-17 hours of billed time, as follows:

  • Intake Interview and Questionnaire Forms (2 hours)​

  • Approximately 6 to 8 hours of assessment sessions, over 1-3 sessions​

  • Feedback interview (1.5 hours)​

  • Report writing (5 hours)

Please note that a 48 hour notice of cancellation is required to avoid a cancellation penalty.

Payment is required at the time of each session and receipt for the provision of psychological services to present to your insurance company will be given when payment is received. 
After the assessment is completed, additional consultations and letters will be billed at an hourly rate.

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We are not able to accept new clients for assessment at this time as our waitlist is currently full.

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