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Therapy and Assessment services are supervised by a licensed member of the College of Psychologists of Ontario and clients will be issued a receipt to submit to their insurance company upon payment.



Our individual therapy for Adults and Adolescents addresses clinical and day to day problems by helping the client to develop greater self awareness, productive thinking patterns, and coping strategies. Our non-judgemental and skillful therapists will work with you to develop a treatment plan that is tailored to your specific challenges and goals.


Our thorough psycho-educational assessments are designed to clarify an individual's learning style, learning aptitudes, behavioural style, attention capacities or possible learning disorders. We use current and sound psychometric instruments to obtain the results you may need to document challenges and obtain school-based support or opportunities.


PLEASE NOTE: We are not able to accept clients for assessments at this time as our waitlist is currently full.



Our Adult ADHD Assessments are designed to clarify an individual’s attention style and associated behavioural challenges like difficulty with sustained focus, task initiation/completion, planning, organization, restlessness, impulse control, and emotion regulation. We will examine your history of attentional functioning and the day-to-day impacts on your life in order to provide you with clinical interpretations and recommendations to promote future well-being.

(COPE Well Groups)

Therapists at Westboro Psychology provide brief (6-8 weeks) and strategies-focused group therapy services through our partner, Cope Well Groups. Cope Well Groups provides separate adolescent (8 weeks), young adult (6 weeks) and parenting groups (6 weeks). Cope Well Groups are designed to help individuals ‘Cope Well’ with stressors of life by developing the skills to regulate emotions like anxiety and frustration, to communicate effectively, and to build healthy relationships with others.

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